At least 5 cars stolen in 6 hours prompts police warning in Delaware County

Police in Delaware County are warning residents to lock their cars after a rash of thefts Tuesday morning. 

Nether Providence Police Chief David Splain is urging residents to lock their car doors after at least five cars were stolen in a matter of six hours Tuesday morning. 

FOX 29’s Dawn Timmeney spoke with Chip Walsh, one of the victims. 

"Feels terrible, violated, and uh I'm pissed off," said Walsh. "7:30 this morning, going to take my dog for a walk, it's gone, really disappointing, frustrating."

Walsh’s 2015 Nissan Rogue was sitting right in the driveway of his home on Medbury Road when it was stolen. He admitted his car was unlocked. 

"I made a mistake. Didn't lock it and now it's gone," said the car theft victim.

Police say there were actually 11 incidents, including three involving people entering cars and three suspicious males trying to open car doors. 


The incidents all occurred in the areas of Somerset Place, Liberty, Green Valley and Medbury Roads, Woodridge and Ridge Lanes between the hours of 3 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

"That many cars in the amount of time, definitely seems like that was a little more organized than somebody looking for loose change," said Mike Kalasunas, Nether Providence resident. 

 Kalasunas lives right off Governors Drive. He said he moved there from South Philly thinking it was safer.

"Just coming from the city, you come out here, and you think you get away from that stuff, you don't see it as much. It's obviously its everywhere," he said. 

Hank Kowalski says he's lived in this quiet neighborhood for over 50 years, and is surprised, but he says he still takes precautions.

"We got motion lights over here. When you pull up, they come right on. Always lock my car no matter where I go, stuff like that. Just a sign of the times. Gotta watch yourself."

Police say they recovered two of the stolen cars in Camden and one in Ridley Township. 

Anyone who knows anything is urged to contact police, who are again strongly advising folks to take their key and lock their car doors.