Lehigh County family says it encountered teens in blackface, confederate flags on Halloween

Were the costumes a matter of poor taste or were they racist? A family in Lehigh County is speaking out after its daughter encountered two teens wearing confederate flags and blackface on Halloween.

There is no mistaking the costumes. Teens who were trick-or-treating Wednesday in Lower Macungie Township wore blackface and confederate flags draped on their backs.

"He saw my camera was in his face. He smiled, he said it's not racist. I don't think he seemed to care at all," said Esperanza Menendez.

Menendez, angry and sad at the same time, that kids in her diverse neighborhood would choose such costumes.

"It's hate and something you don't want to see," Menendez stated.

"I went from happy giving out candy to 'I can't believe this is happening right now just a few blocks away,'" said Esperanza's father, Rafael Menendez. "When I saw the video and saw the kid grinning, I'm like, 'Wow, are you really proud of yourself right now?'" Menendez added.

Rafael couldn't believe his daughter was the only one who spoke out, so he spoke out on social media.

"I felt I don't post these kinds of things. But, it was wrong, this is dead wrong in my neighborhood and I'm gonna post it," Menendez explained.

The topic, controversial recently after Megan Kelly was fired from NBC after saying it was okay to wear blackface on Halloween.

"I think people need to speak up," Esperanza said.

Rafael said he received negative feedback for sharing the story.

"A lot of people telling me how sensitive I was. That the nerve of me for ruining these kids lives. How dare you?" said Rafael.

The family has not contacted police, but is considering it after receiving threatening messages on social media.