Lizard appears in Ft. Lauderdale toilet

It's every Floridian's worst nightmare - lifting the toilet seat and finding a large, green lizard in the bowl.

It happens from time to time, reminding us all to turn on the bathroom light during that middle-of-the-night trip to the potty.

For a South Florida homeowner, it was a midday surprise that required some help from Ft. Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

In photos posted by the agency on Facebook, a bright green lizard seems perfectly content sitting in a toilet bowl.

It's unclear how the lizard got there, but in previous instances, it's been theorized reptiles are able to slither or crawl into the toiled from the sewer system.

The fire rescue crew from Engine 13 was called out to remove the reptile.

After posing for a picture with the lizard, which was likely between one and two feet long, they released it without incident, according to the Facebook post.

"Only in South Florida. Another great job by FLFR," the post read.

FOX 13 News reported on this story from Tampa, Florida.