'I care about others': Local 6-year-old recognized for act of kindness during school field trip

A local boy is being recognized for his act of kindness during a school field trip to the zoo last week. 

Typically, when kids go to the zoo, the animals are the main attraction. But, when Stonehurst Hills Elementary in Upper Darby took a field trip there, 6-year-old Kaiden Montague was the star of the show. 

When clouds and rain moved in and put a damper on the kids' fun, Kaiden swooped in to help two of his classmates. When Kaiden noticed two girls, crouching, cold, and getting wet, he went over to lend them his rain jacket, without a second thought. 

"It was really cold and I helped them," said Kaiden. "I put my rain jacket over them because I care about others, too." 

Kaiden's teacher, Samantha Hotz, saw what Kaiden was doing and snapped a photo. She quickly sent the picture-perfect moment to Kaiden's mom, Kiara Durham, who says she was so proud when she saw it. 

"It was just overwhelming," said Kiara. "Then I just thought to myself, ‘Wow, this should be spread around.'"

Kiara says her son has dealt with emotional issues, so she was hesitant to send him on the trip without her going. Now, she couldn't be happier that she sent her chivalrous son to go enjoy the red pandas, which are Kaiden's favorite animal at the zoo. 

"I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I’m freaking out. Is he going to listen?' So, when his teacher sent me this, she said, ‘You raised a gentleman.’ I'm proud that he's been making good decisions without me even being there," said Kiara. 

On Monday, Kaiden received another surprise when his personal care assistant presented him with a certificate. 

"She made this and put the nice, kind words, ‘Thank you for thinking of others instead of just you,'" said Kaiden as he showed off his kindness certificate. 

Kaiden told FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson that he knew why he was going to be on the news tonight, and he says he hopes that others will see it, so they'll know to behind, too.