Local animal shelters send relief to storm-ravaged Texas

When Hurricane Harvey battered the Texas area, as well as its animal rescue organizations, Delaware Valley shelters were among those that pitched in to help.

On the heels of sending a team to rescue nearly 40 cats and dogs from Harvey-affected shelters in Texas, Media's Providence Animal Center, with help from Brandywine Valley SPCA, is now sending additional aid by way of donations.

Through Saturday, the two local shelters co-hosted a collection drive of items to send to the SPCA of Brazoria County, a Harvey-affected shelter from which many of Providence's new animal friends were rescued.

Frances Lyles, facilities manager at Brandywine Valley SPCA, and Madison Murray, an advancement associate at Providence Animal Shelter -- along with a moving van stuffed with donations and a tank full of gas -- set off on a 24-hour road trip Saturday to deliver the much-needed aid to Brazoria County.

Providence Animal Center (PAC) had previously sent a caravan down to storm-ravaged Texas, rescuing 25 cats and 12 dogs.

The journey was not a smooth one, PAC's Director of Operations Dayna Villa told FOX 29. Still, the crew of four that took the journey was more than excited to help these animals in need.

In saving the cats and dogs, who were in need of permanent homes prior to the storm, the PAC lifesavers were able to make more room for animals in need of temporary housing post-Harvey.

Now, in addition to the shelter's charitable road trip, PAC is preparing to accept dogs affected by Hurricane Irma. A transport of 20 dogs from North Carolina arrived to the Media adoption center on Thursday, with additional transports scheduled for Sunday and Monday from Florida and Georgia. In total, 62 Irma dogs will be accepted.

To donate to the Providence Animal Center, see here.

To donate to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, see here.