Local artist honors healthcare heroes in piece he hopes will land in hospitals nationwide

Philadelphia is no stranger to sports memorabilia. Pictures of favorite Philly athletes can be seen all of the time.

One artist wants to memorialize one of Philly’s finest teams – medical professionals.

“My name is Jordan Spector. I’m an artist here in Philadelphia,” Jordan Spector stated.

Philly sports fans know Spector’s art work.

“I usually specialize in sports. I work with particular athletes. I work with teams, sometimes,” Dpector explained.

But, the Willow Grove artist’s most recent work takes legends to a brand new level. The hospital.

“This is a different piece I did recently. I call it ‘Healthcare Heroes.’ I think the piece pays homage and tribute to them and everything they are doing for us,” Spector remarked.

Using Lincoln Financial Field as his inspiration, he wanted the look and feel of a team picture. A team everyone is rooting for.

“I wanted to represent what a team would look like but, this time, it’s the healthcare heroes at the center of it instead ot our sports team and the crowd is all of us cheering,” Spector explained.

Spector knows about teamwork. He was a walk-on running back for the Temple football team. He says that, while sports heroes are loved, the men and women in the medical profession are the real deal.

“Usually us sports fans idolize and love our sports heroes and teams as well. But, this is supposed to be the Healthcare hero team we all should be supporting as well,” he said.

Here’s the cool part – the public can buy a print, have it shipped and donated to a hospital of the buyer’s choice. The hope is to see the painting hang in hospital halls to inspire those on the front lines.

“My goal, honestly, is to get one of these canvases in every hospital in the US. I think it would be really cool, not only to remind them of how much we care during this time, but in the future to look back at what they’ve done for us,” Spector said.

Next week, Spector will start shipping out the first prints to some local hospitals and one in California.

He’s hoping to display them in more than 6,000 hospitals nationwide.

For more information regarding Jordan Spector's work, visit his website here.

For information regarding the Healthcare Heroes piece and how it can be purchaed, visit the site here.


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