Local artist's work showcasing Philly finest goes viral

Original artwork by a Philadelphia artist is blowing up on social media. It's a piece showcasing famous Philadelphians, from Kobe Bryant to Questlove. But, it's not without controversy.

Will Smith and Kevin Hart are just a few of Philly's finest blowing up Mike Doughty's digital art.

"It's incredible, incredible. I never thought it would happen like this, at least not yet," said artist Mike Doughty.

The 27-year-old family court clerk from Northeast Philly is making a statement about his hometown.

"I had to do a piece about my city and the people who make it what it is," Doughty explained.

"Where is Patti LaBelle?" asked FOX 29 reporter Joyce Evans.

Oh, he opened a huge can of worms on social media over who's not in the art.

"They're killing me, they're killing me. One person in particular, Jill Scott. I want to apologize," said Doughty.

Folks taking issue with some figures included like Bill Cosby. And, Dr. J in the wrong jersey.

"Is that a Nets jersey?" asked Evans.
"I know, I know, it's one of my imperfections as a human," Doughty said.

Well, he's only 27 and just getting started.

Some of his work is pretty controversial, but meant to get people talking, he says. And, people are starting to buy his pieces at shows, like one depicting Martin Luther King, Jr. wielding super hero Thor's mighty hammer.

"They said whoever can lift this hammer is worthy," explained Doughty.

Mike says his creative outlet has become so much more.

"It's escape. It's fun. It's everything," Doughty said.

For more information on Mike Doughty's work, click here.