Local author writes book filled with acts of kindness

We see every day how random acts of kindness inspire many to pay it forward. One local author’s passion for kindness inspired him to write a book.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer explains.

“I decided if I wanted to see good news out there, I thought I should start producing some of it.” That is what author Brad Aronson said after he went to a high school graduation. Where every single graduate was excepted into a college. The graduation inspired Brad to blog about uplifting stories.

Then Brad’s wife Mia was diagnosed with leukemia. They were told his wife’s treatment could last up to two and a half years. Brad and his family came up with projects to past the time.

“A project is a great distraction and a project also gives you focus. Something to focus on during all those hours in the hospital," Brad explained.

Mia started writing a journal. His son Jack played whiffle ball 200 days in a row. Brad decided to write a book about kindness.

“It started with all the acts of kindness everyone around us did," he said.

Some acts were simple, like putting gifts for Jack inside their mailbox or his teachers posting photos about his day. Friends showing up randomly to feed Mia’s processed cheese craving while on chemotherapy.

“It was fun and we had a tasting. It wasn’t talking about cancer. It wasn’t feeling like you were in a hospital room. We were with a friend having a really good time. It was those moments that gave you the strength to carry through," he added.

Brad’s book is called Humankind. It's 256 pages full of acts of kindness from all over the world. All the author’s proceeds go to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

“It helps enormously.  I felt so lucky that all these people were surrounding us with their love and helping us get through this and there is a way for me to appreciate their kindness and yet again when I was writing about it almost like writing a thank you note,” Brad said.


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