Local barber providing the homeless with free haircuts goes national

Too often we are seeing the homeless population forgotten or ignored. Some want to help but don't know how. Trying to find resources for people without food and shelter can be an overwhelming but today Bill Anderson revisited a man who started giving free haircuts to the homeless. Now his mission is growing... for goodness sake.

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"To me it means a lot. It means that someone cares. It shows me that someone sees what we go through and they wanna do something about it."

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Brennon Jones and his haircuts for the homeless.

"When you're on a mission and God has put you on this path nothing should stop you," he told FOX 29.

He promised it would be a daily thing that he wanted to see grow and now it has. This week, he starts the 'Cutz of Compassion Tour.'

"We do free haircuts, we do bags of toiletries, bag lunches, prizes and games and giveaways and it's all geared around the homeless and less fortunate and it started with a haircut," he said.

His concept remains simple, go to areas with large homeless population and give out free haircuts but when his story went viral people wanted to help first at a larger local event.

"I had seven barbers from the surrounding areas and we set up an outdoor salon. We cut 89 people's hair that particular day," Jones explained.

And now in seven cities from Camden to Charlotte

"I came up with the idea if it's needed here in the tri-state area I'm sure its needed everywhere else."

Catching up with Brennon after a few months very little had changed about his mindset. He's now personally given nearly 200 free haircuts to the homeless and less fortunate with no desire to slow down.

"A lot of people ask me hey when will you stop, I will never stop I'm invested. My heart is invested. I never took barbering so serious until now."

One thing that he does seem to have grasped is the fact that exposure can be a good thing if it's used in a positive way. Something he explained to FOX 29's Bill Anderson as a reason to why he cuts hair on the median at Broad and Walnut.

"Why in the middle of the street? So people can see what's going on there's no excuses. When you put something right in their face they can't ignore it. I'm challenging everybody to do something about it," Jones explained.

Brennon Jones is one of the people shining a light on the needs of our area's homeless population in hopes that we will all respond but at least for a few weeks this summer he'll also spread that awareness to other cities and show the importance.