'Thought it was a dream': Local boy catches Bryce Harper home run at his first Phillies game

Talk about a night to remember - Hudson got a front row seat to Phillies history, and he's got one epic souvenir to prove it!

The Sussex County boy is now the proud owner of a home run ball, Bryce Harper's homer to be exact! Just one of five balls blasted out of the park by the Phillies to help secure a Game 3 win against the Astros.

"When he hit the ball I didn’t even think it was real, I thought it was a dream," Hudson said.

The boy's dad Andy says the ball came directly towards them.

"It literally bounced into my hands, I couldn’t have dropped it if I tried," he said.


Despite the chaos of the moment, there wasn't any fight over the ball, just lots of congratulations.

"I expected it to be a scrum, but it was just pure adulation," he said. "Everyone was very welcoming and happy for us."

To top it all off, the World Series game was actually Hudson's first Phillies game ever!

"I had a moment of hesitation when I saw the ticket price, but it was a bargain," his dad said. "I would have paid a lot more."

So, where will Hudson keep this piece of history? The young Phillies fan told FOX 29 it will be "somewhere safe in my room."