World Series: Phillies tickets sky rocket overnight; over $1K just to stand for Game 4

Still hoping to claim your seat for the biggest games in baseball? Couch change definitely won't do the trick this time!

Tickets for Game 4 and 5 at Citizens Bank Park are through the roof after the Phillies beat the Astros in a historic win Tuesday night.

The moment the last out was made prices rose a shocking 15 percent for Game 4 and 30 percent for Games 5, according to

Lowest prices hit a staggering $1,100 for Game 4 and $1,500 for Game 5 - and that's just standing room only!


Looking to grab an actual seat for Wednesday night? Better dig deep in those pockets for tickets listed from $1,300 to $17,000 on

And you better get them quick! Only about 1,000 tickets are still up for grabs on the site for Game 4 and 1,800 for Game 5 - and prices are only going up from here!