Local boy plays in Pokemon tournaments around the world

Just about every night, 10-year-old William Wallace and his father, Dan, sit down for a friendly game of cards.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

"You need to think moves ahead to execute your strategy. It closely resembles poker in that you don't always know what your opponent has in their hand and they could be bluffing you in certain situation," William's dad, Dan Wallace, said.

You see, William is training for the 2017 Pokemon World Championships next month in Anaheim, California. William has traveled all over the world competing. He has marked off places he has been with a special Pokemon pin. Those places include Australia, Brazil and London.

"He has friends all over the world now because of Pokemon," Dan said.

William's love for Pokemon started a few years ago after a friend came over his house with a set of cards.

"At first I thought it was another thing you know how kids are. Every few days and weeks they are into something new and different," Dan said.

But this was different, William loved it so much he started collecting more cards and learned how to play the game by joining a local league. Pokemon has taken over the Wallace's time. So much that Dan had to learn the game and competes in tournaments.

"I try to make sure that I give him the best game I can. So he can know if he plays against this match up in a real tournament he knows the weaknesses the deck," Dan said.

The time together has paid off. William is winning tournaments and is currently 3rd in the world competitions. Replays of the his matches can be seen online. William did win. Not much but enough money to cover the cost of new playing cards and fund future tournaments.

"Initially it was a little game. It was a little hobby that we got into and since he loved it so much it has grown into part of our life now,' Dan said.

A little game that created a ton of great family memories.