Local organization donates service dog to 3-year-old autistic boy

Two weeks ago FOX 46 Charlotte told you about a 3-year-old boy with autism and a heart condition in need of a service dog. Keegan is non-verbal and his family had launched a GoFundMe page trying to raise the funds for the dog, but progress was slow.

So, FOX 46's Lindsay Clein set out to get results and dug up the perfect canine companion for him.

"Oh my God, I don't know. I was just inside like. It was going crazy because I know what this will do for him," said Deidra Cribb, Keegan's mom. "It will give him a more fulfilling life because they say a dog is a man's best friend and for Keegan to want to be close to someone or something never happens."

Man's best friend-- changing a 3-year-old's life.

"I can already see its going to be amazing. The dog just got here and he's sat down more in the last hour than he has ever," Deidra said.

But, it certainly took some time to make it to this moment when Keegan received his dog.

Danielle Scruggs and her husband Randy are a special breed of humans. They run Carolina Goldens, training golden retrievers to be therapy and service dogs.

"It's a passion. It's addictive, it's the worst drug you can be on it truly is because you see these people able to live their lives whereas months ago they were not," said Danielle Scuggs.

They donate one puppy out of every single litter they produce to a service organization or an individual who needs a service animal and cannot afford one.

Keegan was the lucky recipient this time.

"This is the start of him having a pal, a friend, but also someone that will love him and be there with him to help him in every way possible," Danielle said.

FOX 46 Charlotte brought the Scruggs along to witness the moment when Keegan would meet his new furry friend.

"This is something very special because a lot of times we don't see this as it happens," said Danielle.

After FOX 46 Charlotte's story aired about Keegan, the Scruggs were quick to jump in, eager to help.

"I can't even express what this does you couldn't take me and put me on an airplane and push me out and get a better thrill. When you see something you've worked years and years to develop that turns into this creature and changes their life. There's no money you can put on that. It's amazing," said Danielle.

"They didn't know us or our family they only heard Keegan's story and they went out of their way to give us a puppy that could become his service dog, and to do all the kind things they're doing for our family, it's unfathomable," Deidra said.

Complete strangers coming together through the company of a K-9.

"It's going to make his quality of life a lot better and we are so happy to have a small part of it from the bottom of my heart thank you because it means everything and it means everything for me and everything for him," she said.

A puppy and his new pal embarking on a life-long adventure because two humans unleashed the magnitude of their hearts.

"My heart is over flowing right now because to see the reaction of this little young fellow I know his future is going to be different," said Randy.

The family says they've decided to name the puppy "Star," because they hoped and wished for him; and he'll certainly be a star for Keegan.