Local waitress earns the tip of a lifetime from two regular customers

The coronavirus has been especially hard on restaurant servers and one hard-working waitress who has been using Uber to get to work won’t have to use the ride share, thanks to two regular customers. She’s driving to work in a car of her very own.

For the past four years, Lisa Mollet has been working her tail off while serving at the Empire Diner in New Jersey.

“It’s really been a struggle. I was off from March until June,” Lisa said.

And, when COVID hit, her paycheck dried up and then her car broke down, just as she was going back to work.

“It was hard, it was very challenging. I’m a single mom with two kids. I have my own house. Paying the bills, trying to get everyone right, keep everyone happy,” Lisa went on.

Lisa Mollet

So, when outdoor dining resumed and the kitchen was back open, Lisa was very grateful to be back at work. But, no more grateful than Sunday, when a pair of regular customers gave her the tip of a lifetime.

“It’s a blessing. They blessed me,” Lisa exclaimed.

A local man and his wife gave Lisa their 2006 Nissan Ultima as a tip for their Sunday meal.

Lisa Mollet earns the tip of a lifetime from two regular customers.

“They are wonderful people. They come here constantly. They come here with their family. They’re like family to me. They invite me to their house,” Lisa added.

The generous customers didn’t their names out there, but did want to spread some joy to someone who could use it. The diner’s owner says he couldn’t think of anyone more deserving.

“They said they had a car for Lisa and I said, ‘Wow!.’ It was a shock for me. I even had goosebumps. There is still good people out there. Lisa definitely deserves it. She’s one of my hardest works,” owner Daryis Aketurk stated.

Monday, Lisa won’t have to call Uber. She’ll show up to work with her usual smile and a new ride to go with it.

“I went home and cried. It was shocking because not many people do stuff like that. It’s very touching, because they’re really good people and I really appreciate it,” Lisa commented.


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