Local woman finds pellet gun in loaner BMW

A local woman says she found a pellet gun in the trunk of a loaner BMW from a Main Line dealership.

A day after Sharii McMillan picked up her 300 series beamer from BMW of the Main Line she found a gun in the trunk--left behind in a loaner BMW. She began recording.

She didn't know it at the time but it turned out to be a pellet gun. McMillan drove the car back to the dealership terrified she may be pulled over by police.

"I'm a young black female driving a $45,000 car and I get pulled over by police and they see a handgun in the car. No matter if it's a BB gun, pellet gun or whatever it's still a firearm, they going to lock me up or either shoot at me," she said.

McMillian demanded an explanation. She says the incident has left her shaken and still worried she may be held accountable.

"They don't care if it was your gun they don't care," she explained. "They gonna take me in. I feel like my whole life was at risk. My whole life flashed before my eyes."

The general manager of BMW of the Main Line explained the mishap over the phone telling FOX 29's Chris O'Connell.

"We clean and inspect all loaner cars before they are sent out to customers. The gun was found in a small trunk compartment not typically used. We immediately notified Lower Merion police."

McMillan was given another loaner car and an apology from the dealership, but she says an apology is not enough.

"What if my godson or my stepson went to go pick the gun up thinking it's a toy," McMillian said.

The dealership tells FOX 29 they know the customer who may have put the pellet gun in the car. Police are looking to talk to that person, but it's not clear they did anything wrong.