Local woman rallies to save horse from deplorable conditions

After living in reportedly deplorable conditions for nearly two decades, Sunny the Horse has a chance at living a happy, healthy life thanks to a group of devoted lifesavers.

A local woman says the horse has been living in complete isolation on a filthy, 500-square foot concrete slab for almost 20 years. The woman has chosen to remain anonymous to protect her identity.

After a hard-fought battle lasting several months, the owner has agreed to surrender the horse. Now, community members are rallying to raise the money needed to cover Sunny's rapid transition to sanctuary at Ryerss Farm.

Once transported, Sunny would be free to live out the rest of his days on a 400-acre horse farm with over 80 other equine companions currently retired there.

Years of alleged neglect have left Sunny in urgent need of medical attention, so these lifesavers are hoping a large enough donation can cover his expenses, future care and transportation.

To donate to Sunny's rescue efforts or to learn more, see here.


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