Local woman starts mask tree in her neighborhood to help combat coronavirus

One woman spends her mornings stocking the tree outside her Harrowgate home in Kensington and then again in the evening. It’s not a Christmas tree but it does bear gifts — potentially lifesaving ones. 

"When I came out before you guys came I had to refill it because it was empty from this morning," said Darlene Burton. "I woke up one morning and I was like you're going to hang masks from your tree to help mitigate in some way the spread of the coronavirus in your neighborhood."

Dozens of masks hanging outside her home on Jasper Street free for anyone who needs one. She started Thursday of last week after the supplies she ordered on Amazon arrived. 

"I ordered 100 of the disposable masks. I also ordered 300 baggies and 90 clips," said Burton. Right away she got the response she was hoping for. 

"The response to the tree has definitely been positive and very uplifting," she said. Burton started the tree to encourage people.  

This is also personal for Burton who says the day after she started the mask tree her daughter who works as a phlebotomist tested positive for the coronavirus. 

"It kind of actually strengthened my resolve like it made me want to fight even more to help people," she said. 

"We need to come together like every day ordinary citizens. There's not going to be anybody to ride in here on a white horse to save us during this pandemic," said Burton.  She says community organizations have even donated masks for her to continue. She isn’t accepting monetary donations. Only masks. 

If you want to donate, please email darleneburton1970@yahoo.com.


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