Locals taking in all of the action on day one of the DNC

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) All sights and sounds point to the DNC being in town. The first day of the convention brought curious neighbors out of their homes on a sweltering day to take it all in. Police put South Philly neighbors in a good mood blocking off side streets from convention foot traffic and protesters looking for parking. They also opened hydrants for those braving the heat to make their voices heard.

Anthony DeMarzio and his father Tony have a front row seat to the action from their homes on south Broad Street.

"I haven't seen these many supporters for one politician in a long time especially since it's 99 degrees and they're out walking," said Anthony.

The DeMarzio's say aside from feeling trapped in their neighborhood due to all the traffic things aren't as bad as some might say.

"People are great. They've been very peaceful and there haven't been any problems. They've been very cordial," said Anthony.

Neighbors here are used to a street show with the stadium and sports complex nearby. But some say the DNC doesn't rank high in the most interesting event to take over South Philly.

"The World Series when they had the parade there, that was more exciting when the Phillies won the World Series," said Tony DeMarzio.

Ron Tini isn't impressed and says he hasn't left his doorstep yet to walk a block to check out the action.

"Not right now. I'm a Donald Trump fan so I don't care what she does down there," said Tini about Hillary Clinton at the Wells Fargo Center.