Make-A-Wish Foundation Makes Boy's Dream Come True

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) The Make-A Wish Foundation made an 8-year-old boy's dream come true.

Liam Idzi, of Wisconsin, has cerebral palsy and a type of epilepsy, but that didn't stop him from meeting his favorite ice-hockey player. Jakub Voracek, who plays right wing for the Flyers, granted the wish of one of his biggest fans. Liam wanted to meet his favorite player and wanted Jakub to push him on the ice in his wheelchair. And Jakub did just that.

"Liam spent at least 45 days in the hospital this year, and to be in a fun environment. We can do something he enjoys instead of in the hospital having a treatment or being sick,' said Liam's mother, Elizabeth Idzi.

Liam's father is from Philadelphia, which influenced him becoming a Flyers fan. Next on Liam's list is to attend his first Flyers game where he will get to see his favorite player in action.