Man busts window to save dog in hot truck in Largo

TAMPA, FL (FOX 13) - It's video we see all too often: Something or someone trapped in a hot vehicle.

Sunday afternoon, it was a dog.

"There was a lab sitting in there, he was just sitting there," said Jonathan Parris of Largo. "His mouth was open. Looked like he was panting."

Parris couldn't help but find a way to get this dog out of the car on an 80-degree day.

"I proceeded to feel like the dog was not going to last in a hot car," he told FOX 13.

Parris says he didn't know how long the dog had been sitting in the car. One bystander told him it had been over an hour.

He knew he had to rescue this dog, but he called police first.What do you think?

"She said it's not high priority, and it could be 30 minutes to an hour," said Parris. "So, I mean, I took it into my own hands. I was accepting the consequences of what was going to happen. But, I mean the dog's life meant more than the trouble that would come with it."

Parris took a hammer to the window twice, and was able to unlock the truck from there.