Man contracts flesh-eating bacteria while crabbing in NJ, may lose limbs

A family in New Jersey is worried about its father, who was hospitalized after going crabbing in Maurice River.

Sixty-year-old Angel Perez, an avid crabber, was in the water at Matt's Landing on July 2. The next day, Perez had swelling near some scratches on his right leg.

Perez's family say the swelling and pain simply got worse. According to the family, bacteria commonly found in salt water bays got into Perez's blood system.

Perez's immune system was already compromised by Parkinson's Disease. Doctors at Cooper University Hospital, where Perez is listed in critical condition, are trying to save all four of his limbs.

Meanwhile, the family says the bacteria is eating away at Perez's body.

"It's summer. People want to swim and have fun, but just be very careful. Don't just jump in the water with wounds open. But, that's what people do. We think water is safe," said Dilena Perez-Dilan, Angel's daughter. "If you see something that's out of the norm, go and get it checked."

According to the family, the bacteria can lead to the so-called flesh-eating symptoms that are now attacking Perez's body.