Man dies after being shot in the head at West Philadelphia pre-prom party

A man has died after police say he was shot following a pre-prom party in West Philadelphia.

For the family of 23-year-old Aaron Nixon Seawright there are no answers as to why this young man lost his life at the hand of a gunman after a pre-prom party turned deadly.

"He was my baby brother--he was my life--he was my savior. He was my mom's baby," Aaron' sister Monique Seawright told FOX 29. "He had a whole life that you just ripped from us--ripped from him."

"These young kids. Take the guns. That's all they need to do. Just take the guns," a neighbor who knew the victim said. .

Family members, who asked that we not show them on camera, say Aaron was at the party for a friend across from his family's home on 55th Street Thursday night,when gunshots rang out. The shooter can be seen opening fire on surveillance video outside a corner store.

"After the little prom they had little get together and then someone started shooting. He got caught in the crossfire," Monique Seawright said.

Police quickly arrived and Aaron was raced to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. He died early Friday morning. His family says he will be missed by everyone.

"He's 23. Never got into any trouble. Very loving. This whole neighborhood loves him. We all love him," Seawright explained.

"Everybody around here is wondering why this happened," a neighbor said.

Homicide investigators are now working the case. Sources say there may have been as many as three guns in the crowd on the street. From evidence, it appears at least two guns may have been fired. Now, police are focused on finding a killer and Aaron's family is focused on a young man gone too soon.

"He was like a beautiful kid. He loved his life," Seawright added. "To any murderer you don't just kill the person. You killed their family. You killed their family."

Police are reviewing surveillance video of the shooting and interviewing witnesses. Neighbors and family members believe the gunman is from the same neighborhood. Residents say there have been other shootings in the area recently.

Police have not publicly identified the gunman. No arrests have been made. There's a $20,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction.