Man pretending to be cop accused of pulling over real one

A man who said he has impersonated law enforcement officers in the past accidentally pulled over a real one on Interstate 95 in Miami, FOX affiliate WSVN reported.

They say Friday morning on I-95, Marcos Pacheco-Bustamante activated a siren on his Ford Crown Victoria and pulled over a seemingly random car.

Alton Martin said Pacheco-Bustamante pulled him over just after 7am -- but Martin happened to be a Miami-Dade police officer. He'd been working all night and was wearing his full uniform and driving an unmarked cruiser at the time.

Click here for details on the traffic stop and arrest from FOX News.

WSVN reports a BB gun replica was found in Pacheco-Bustamante's car and a police blue light was found resting between the driver seat and center console.