Man robs 80-year-old while she visits grave

(INSIDE EDITION)--Police arrested a man after they said he allegedly stole an 80-year-old woman's purse on Tuesday as she was cleaning up her husband's grave site in Massachusetts, according to reports.

Christopher Ansara, 32, allegedly approached 80-year-old Anne Ogden at St. Mary-Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Lawrence and took off with her purse, which was on the ground, reports said.

Ogden told CBS Boston that she was visiting her grandmother's grave and then her late husband's when the crime occurred.

Ogden said she had just gone to the bank and had $1,000 in cash, but she was more upset about a $20 bill she had in the purse that she'd taken out of her husband's wallet after he died.

She kept it as a memory.

"I've had a good life until this, what are you going to do?" Ogden told the station.

Police said Ansara later confessed to stealing the purse.

Ogden's purse was returned but not with the $20 bill, according to reports.