Man stabbed during Kensington home invasion

A man was stabbed during a home invasion in Kensington early Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred on the 3100 block of F Street around 2:30 a.m.

Two masked men, one armed with a hammer and one with a knife, entered a home on the block.

The male victim was tied up and stabbed, while another female victim was also tied up, and a second female victim, 40, was kidnapped and taken to an ATM to withdraw money.

The suspects forced the woman to drive her white Honda to an ATM at Kensington and Allegheny Avenues, withdrawing just $100, and then drive back to F Street.

The woman then got into a physical altercation with the suspect armed with the hammer and was able to scream, alerting her neighbors to call 911.

Police responded immediately, catching one suspect who was attempting to escape in the woman's vehicle.

One suspect was arrested, and another is still on the loose.