Man steals boat, last thing he can remember is drinking Four Loko's

The Daytona Beach Police department say they discovered a missing boat after responding to a burglary/ vandalism reference.

At the scene of the boat yard, the deputy says he observed that several of the boats had been broken into.

With the help of another officer, the two continued to search through the boat yard when they received a call from the Florida Fish and Wildlife about a 2000 36' Foot Northern Way Vessel named Ethel Jeanne that had been beached just north of the Silver Beach approach.

The officers reportedly then confirmed that the Ethel Jeanne was indeed missing from the boat yard.

The officers went on to watch surveillance videos of the yard, which showed a suspect entering the Ethel Jeanne and driving out of the marina.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife stated that they collected evidence from the boat, including a pair of tan shorts that contained a wallet and cell phone. A driver's license was found in the wallet, which confirmed the suspect's identity as Jonathan Race.

Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife soon discovered the whereabouts of Race. The officers with the Daytona Beach Police met with the suspect to speak about the incident. The only thing he claims to know is that he woke up on the beach and walked home to Port Orange.

Race reportedly went on to tell officers that he was alone and that the last thing he remembers is drinking a couple of Four Loko's at the 7-11 across the street of the marina.

Race continued to assert that he was blacked out from over intoxication, but the officers arrested him.

The boat is now being processed, but beach goers on scene stood around in wonder before its removal, shooting videos of the shipwreck and just staring in surprise.

"I don't know what the heck happened. Don't know it could've washed up here man, but it's crazy man!" said Austin Stepho, vacationing in Daytona Beach.

Beach patrol says the boat came speeding onto the beach, causing beach-goers to get out of the way.

They jumped onboard and shut off the engine. They say no one was on the boat and no one on the beach was injured, but plenty of people were very curious.

"Yeah, I'm curious," said Victor Vlad, a vacationer. "How long it's been here, what's happening? We don't know anything about it."

Another vacationer, Jacob Holmes, said this was new for him, as "this is the seventh year we've been here - only just got here - and this is a first for me." He went on to say that "I've never seen a boat of that size just drifting on the beach there."

The owner of the Ethel Jeanne told the Daytona Police Department that he does intend to prosecute Race.