Man ‘trapped’ on top of car films elk exploring his front yard

A Colorado resident parked outside his home had to wait for the elk grazing in his front yard to leave. 

Video posted on social media showed the "trapped" man sitting on top of his car filming the gigantic animals who were too close for comfort. 

"U don’t wanna mess with these guys," wrote a caption in a video posted by Loveland resident Caprice Price Sweatt and filmed by her husband. 

Sweatt said her husband, Eric was "stuck on top of his truck" as two elk leisurely explored their neighborhood. Caprice Price Sweatt said her husband couldn’t "come in the house or make a move."

In the video, the elk can be seen taking bites of grass from the yard while glancing at Eric as he filmed them. 

"Eric is stuck on top of his truck lol he can’t come in the house or make a move 2 elk got him trapped - this one is in neighbor yard right beside the truck." Caprice wrote in another video.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.