Manager: Asking Muslim kids to leave pool not discrimination

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP/WTXF) -- A pool manager who asked Muslim children to leave Wilmington's Foster Brown Pool because of their clothing says her action was not discriminatory.

Glenda Pinkett, a seasonal city employee, says she was following well-known guidance that cotton clogs pool filters, even though there may not be a written no-cotton policy.

"There was absolutely no discrimination involved," Pinkett told FOX 29. "It wasn't about religion or certain groups. It was simply about the material."

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Tahsiyn Ismaa'eel brought Muslim campers wearing cotton shirts, shorts and headscarves to the pool and they were asked to get out. She says no such rule was posted, and it was enforced in a discriminatory way.

After discussing the situation Monday with members of the Muslim community, Mayor Mike Purzycki clarified that cotton is allowed in city pools this summer, and future rules will be clarified at the end of the season.