Many fans bet on the Eagles; Lady Luck did not reward them

Lady Luck wasn't on the side of anyone who bet on the Eagles, but with sports betting legal, many fans took the chance.

"I'm loving it right now. Two touchdowns in the first, 14-nothing. I bet on the Eagles to win straight up," said Vaughn Riley.

"I took Alshon for a touchdown and I took the money line for the Eagles," Peter Giosso said.

Giosso put his money where his mouth was at SugarHouse Casino.

"I'm feeling it and I'm loving it," Giosso added.

So was SugarHouse, just one month into sports betting on site.

"It's game on, we're here, the Eagles are looking good, so far," said Evan Davis, CEO and General Counsel for SugarHouse Casino.

"I started the day with $100.00. I had a four game parlay for 1,000 and a few beers later, now we got the Eagles plus $700.00," said John Kolker.

"We got a ton of action on the Eagles for this game," Davis stated.

But, the action shifted from the Eagles to the Saints. Enter Lamar Upshaw. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, he was the Saints only fan in the house and he was loud about it.

When it looked like the end was near, Lamar cranked it up five notches. Security stood by as he rubbed salt into the deep wound…hard.

"How many fans, 200 fans in here versus one? I had to go hard," explained Upshaw.

"That's okay, I'm still an Eagles fan," Terese Coleman said.

"At the end of the day, the Saints have a good team," Steve Gov said.

"They beat us. And, hats off to New Orleans. Good luck playing the Rams," Giosso said.

SugarHouse Casino is a sponsor of Fox 29.