Marathon Determination: Wheelchair Breaks Halfway into Run

Two brothers from Atlanta, Brent and Kyle Pease, have reached some impressive athletic achievements over the years. They've overcome many obstacles along the way, but this was a big one. They were half way through the New York City Marathon when a wheel on their race chair shattered.

Kyle said being at that starting line on November 1st, was an amazing experience.

"We were going to do the biggest marathon in the world, in the greatest city in the United States," said Kyle.

With Brent pushing Kyle in his race chair, the brothers made their way through the streets of the Big Apple.

"I felt good, we were talking about the race and all of a sudden, this screeching metal," said Brent.

That screeching metal was the left wheel of the chair. It basically disintegrated. Yet, they weren't going to quit.

"When we set out to do something we are going to do it," said Kyle.

Kyle has Cerebral Palsy. He started racing with Brent several years ago and they weren't going to let something like a missing wheel stop them.

"It would have been really easy to just say no and stop. Kyle could have said that a long time ago, and he's never quit, and he damn sure wasn't going to quit with 13 miles to go," said Brent.

At first Brent tried to carry Kyle, but soon realized he'd never make it 13 miles. The NYPD escorted them to a nearby bike shop, but the wheel was beyond repair. So they found a rope and tied the chair to Brent. He started running again, but realized he couldn't run, balance the chair and turn it at the same time. Soon a couple of other runners stepped in to help balance the chair. They ran, jogged and walked like this all the way across the finish line.

"It was truly amazing, a day we'll never forget," said Kyle.

In addition to the support on the course, the Pease brothers had a lot of support from people around the world cheering them on through social media; People who know them through The Kyle Pease Foundation. The foundation raises awareness and money for people with disabilities by helping them meet their individual needs through sports.

You can find out more about the foundation here: