Marine vet's message of hope for the New Year goes viral after he is killed by drunk driver

A Marine veteran's final Facebook post spreading a message of hope is now going viral after he was killed by a drunk driver on New Year's Eve.

Last day of 2015!!!! For me I'll be meditating through all I do, on this entire year. I've lost, I've gained, family is...

The Tampa Bay Times reports that 31-year-old Matthew DeRemer was riding his motorcycle in Largo, Florida when he was hit by a drunk driver.

DeRemer was an Iraq War vet who loved to ride his bike and died at the scene, according to WTSP.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Department announced that 59-year-old Steven Lee Clarke was arrested following the crash. He reportedly faces a felony charge of DUI manslaughter in the crash.

However, DeRemer's legacy is living on after his final Facebook post which expressed feelings of hope about the New Year was shared by his friends following his death.

DeRemer posted a photo that read: "We are born in 1 day. We die in 1 day. We can change in 1 day. And we can fall in love in 1 day. Anything can happen in just 1 day."

He captioned the photo, writing: "Last day of 2015!!!! For me I'll be meditating through all I do, on this entire year. I've lost, I've gained, family is closer and tougher than ever before, loved ones lost, and new friends found.

"There has been many times where I've been found on my knees in prayer for hours (relentless) and other times leading a group of people in prayer, my faith (that I love to share) is an everyday awakening (to me) that people, lives, and circumstances can change for the better OVER TIME.

"I look back at 2015's huge challenges that I've overcome, shared with others, and have once again found myself… To say thank you and BRING ON 2016, much works to be done!

"And I really don't know where I'll end up tonight but I do know where I windup is where I'm meant to be."

After his death, DeRemer's friends began to share the post and it has accumulated more than 1,000 shares since.

On Sunday, DeRemer's friends gathered to remember him, saying that he made a big impact in the amount of time he was given, according to WTSP.

"He touched a lot of people's lives," DeRemer's friend Wayne Gutierrez told WTSP. "Sometimes those are the ones that get chosen first."