'Mason the Mighty' needs a kidney, spread the word

The family of a Bucks County child is hoping for a miracle to save their son's life.

He is not yet 2 years old, but Mason Spencer needs an organ transplant. His family told FOX 29 they'll do whatever it takes to spread the word that "Mason the Mighty" needs a kidney.

They call him "Mason the Mighty" and not just because he scoots across the floor with superhero speed. At such a young age, Mason tried to audition for a reporter position with FOX 29.

"He was a little bit pail. He eventually started to not be interested in eating. We went to the pediatrician and had some labs drawn and found out that he was in end stage renal failure pretty quick," said mom Erica Sveen.

For those who don't know, end stage renal failure is a big deal for adults, but for a developing child, it's an even bigger deal. Currently, little Mason is hooked up to a dialysis machine for 11 hours every day. His mother explained the process.

"Usually, 7:15 in the evening is when we come up here and actually push the start button. So, he's usually done around 6:15 in the morning," Erica said.

Mason is surrounded by love. Family and friends are regularly there. He smiles and laughs and they genuinely seem to enjoy each other. The truth is they had to admit there is a scary reality looming.

"For now, we stay on dialysis until he presents with problems. I mean, if he does not get a kidney transplant, he won't survive," Erica stated.

Erica said that the mission for their family and for those watching is to spread the word that "Mason the Mighty" needs a kidney.

"We've had so many good people reach out to be a donor. It's just so unfortunate that we haven't found that right match-up," Erica said.

It's unusual, but none of Mason's immediate or even distant relatives were matches. They've taken to social media and they have a billboard up, with more to come. The idea is to get the message out to as many people as possible.

"We just hope that you would consider organ donation, not just for Mason's life, but for the many others waiting," Erica explained.

With many of the For Goodness' Sake stories, FOX 29 celebrates the good deeds that have already been done, but this is different. Everyone can help spread the word to make sure that Mason the Mighty and others like him get a chance to grow up, for goodness' sake.

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