Massive Christmas gift for family after losing home

One Wisconsin family got a huge surprise this Christmas.

Their dreams came true after finding out they are receiving a brand new house.

It's a present they desperately needed; a fire destroyed their old house just days before.

The City of Milwaukee and other organizations pooled their resources together to give the Burkes their new home.

Dakeela Burkes said, "I didn't expect this."

Coretta Herring with Acts Housing said, "She had worked very hard to get to where she was and we want to make sure we replaced her one city house with a new city house."

"Dakeela will receive this house for $1 and we're going to give her up to $20,000 renovations."

William Baskin, Burkes' son said, "I think it's great,"

Tameeka Frazier, Burkes' daughter said, "I love it."

"To see everybody coming together to help is wonderful," Burkes said.

The home will be renovated and get a new water heater and furnace before the Burkes can move in.

It's expected to be finished in mid-February.