Media woman using cars to find kidney donor

If you live in Media, Delaware County, maybe you've seen Jacqueline Heidin driving through town. Jacquelin needs a kidney, and her loving mother, Michelle Craig, is not afraid to ask, writing signs on the car's windows.

"I'll ask anybody, I don't care. Can I have it please? Because one of these times, someone might just say 'yeah'."

Jacqueline remembers getting on the kidney donation list. "When I first got on the list, they said two to five years. So I'm thinking we need to be proactive, like we have to get the word out there. Two years have since passed, and she still needs a donor.

They put flyers on car windshields and messages asking for a kidney on the family's cars.

Jacqueline's problems started while she was pregnant with son Jordan, who is now four years old.

Being a diabetic and pregnant turned out to be a recipe for kidney failure.

Every night, she sleeps hooked up to a dialysis machine, and every day is a struggle for this former firefighter. Believe it or not, she and her husband used to be drivers for dialysis patients. That's how they met.

"I used to transport dialysis patients everyday for thirteen years, and I used to see the reactions day in and day out. It's a scary situation," says her husband.

One that his family is now living through. Dialysis is keeping Jacqueline alive, but it is not a permanent fix. She is looking for a donor with Type O blood.

But her family has hope. "We know that somebody is going to be her hero. Somebody is going to give that little boy his mom and give her back her strength, her health."

If you'd like to contact the family, they can be reached at (610) 316-0124.