Meet the Snake and the Mouse Who Are Best Friends... For Now

STORYFUL - Zoey Michele's aunt has a ball python snake who regularly gets fed with white mice. So far, so normal. However, on April 7, after dangling a mouse over the snake for an hour, Michele's aunt gave up and left the mouse in the tank, assuming the snake would eventually get around to eating it.

By April 12, the snake still hadn't devoured the mouse and Texas-based Michele tweeted photos of the two cuddling up to each other, garnering over 41,000 retweets in the process.

She returned with another tweet on April 13, confirming the mouse has survived into its sixth day and has even now been named Snowflake. Michele explained in a series of further tweets that the ball python was due its monthly feeding on April 7, but after refusing to eat the mouse, they have now started feeding Snowflake dog food.

Will the two last as BFFs or is the ball python just taking its time?