Meet the snake-wrangling pastor providing a unique service to his community

Tim Agnello, a local pastor who lives in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, has a special skill. 

He may not be turning water to wine but he certainly turns fear into smiles when he wrangles rattlesnakes from his neighbors backyards. 

Agnello, who's been catching snakes since he was a child, says he has been offering hi snake-wrangling services available for free to anyone who needs it. 

"I've been into snakes since I was little, grew up into a house where my brother and sister who were older than me had snakes, so I was catching snakes by the time I was 3," Agnello said in an interview with FOX TV Stations. 

He says his persona of snake-wrangling pastor happened by accident. 

When temperatures in his neighborhood soar into the 90s and even triple digits, Agnello says that's when the reptiles can be found in people's backyards. 

Agnello says it all stemmed from him wanting to provide a service to his community since his church is always finding unique ways to help people. 

Agnello has a Facebook profile dedicated to his services in which people can hire him to do what he does best.

After caching the snakes, Agnello says they get the animals back to a safe area far away from humans and back within their home range. 

For anyone looking to get into the business, Agnello urges people with no experience to avoid venomous snakes at all costs. 

So what's Agnello's obsession with snakes? And why is he doing this for free? 

His answer is simple: "God loves us and I want to love others by serving them in ways that are helpful for them." 

"I love to be able to share the fact that God has unique creatures out there."