Missing 84-year-old Moorestown woman found in the woods

An 84-year-old woman missing for four days was found Saturday in the woods south of I-295 North. Police say she was conscious and talking to responders, who took her to a local hospital for evaluation.

Moorestown police say 84-year-old Agnella Zapotochny has dementia. Flyers are plastered all around town as the search for her intensifies.

"It's very upsetting. We're all concerned," said Wendy Carty. She's one of many neighbors who live near the house on Cottage Avenue that Zapotochny shares with her son and daughter. They neighbors are devastated.

"We checked the back of our yard and our shed. Anywhere that she may have been," said Carty. Police say Zapotochny's son and daughter say she walked away from the house Wednesday afternoon.

There was a storm that evening.

"They had last seen her about 3 o'clock and a neighbor driving by apparently saw her in the driveway around 3:30 so that's the last definitive sight we have," said Moorestown Police Chief Lee Lieber.

Police, fire crews and K9 have been searching a two mile radius ever since. Including the area around Strawbridge Lake. They've called in support from NJ State Police. They're concerned about the time Zapotochny has been gone, the heat and the possibility of more storms.

"They've had their aviation unit down here twice with a helicopter and we've since had the Emergency Management Bureau down along with task force one search and rescue people," said Chief Lieber.

Ronald Lundgren is a long time neighbor. He describes Zapotochny as, "Very nice, religious , sweet lady." He says Zapotochny's son called him immediately after she went missing and he went looking.

"I just come out of the house just put shoes on. No socks and jumped right into my truck and started riding around for hours," he said.

Investigators say family members tell them Zapotochny has never walked off before. Police say they don't suspect foul play at this time.

"Hopefully, she's maybe in a shelter or something," said Lundgren.

Police say she left with her purse but there was no activity on any of her credit cards. They say she reportedly mentions at times that she is "going home" where she used to live on 3459 Ormes Street in Philadelphia.