Missouri milk company trolls Philadelphia Eagles with limited-edition bottles labeled 'Eagle Tears'

It looks like Kansas City is still celebrating victory in Super Bowl LVII based on a new promotion from a milk company in the state. 

The Shatto Milk Company in Osborn, Missouri, located about 59 miles from Kansas City, is releasing limited-edition milk bottles trolling Philadelphia Eagles fans. 

The clear bottles are labeled with the title "Eagle Tears" in green letters. 

According to the company, the milk is cheesecake flavored and only 11,000 bottles will be made. 

The brand took to social media, saying, "Bottling them was no easy feat. We had to conquer the West, defend our home turf (twice!) and travel all the way to the desert and back. Make no mistake, Kansas City. The contents of this bottle are very precious cargo. Savor it." 

Eagles' fans don't seem to be too bothered by the move, with one user named @mamahawkskitchen commenting on social media saying, "Sorry, those aren't Eagles tears! If they were they'd be green. But we don't cry in Philly. We make a comeback." Another user, @mel.oney, said "I'm a die-hard Eagles fan and I took think this is giving us too much attention strangely. It's a weird feeling to have lost but still the talk of the town? Idk. This kinda missed the mark."