MO police investigating death with similarities to N. TX botched butt injections case

MISSOURI--(KDFW)--A woman who died last week in Missouri has investigators from that state talking to Dallas police.

The case involves illegal butt injections and there's an effort to try and identify possible suspects.

The St. Louis woman who died was 22-year-old Daysha Phillips, an exotic dancer who also went by the name Milani.

Investigators say she got illegal butt injections in a St. Louis-area hotel room on July 26.

Two days later, she was rushed to a hospital with difficulty breathing. She died last Thursday.

The Edmundson, MO police chief told FOX 4 over the phone they have not identified any suspects who administered Phillips' illegal butt injections, but as part of their investigation, they are talking to Dallas police investigators about a woman named Denise Ross, also known as Wee Wee.

A Dallas woman facing a murder charge for the death of a woman who got illegal injections at an office in Deep Ellum.

Another suspect, Jimmy Clarke, is also charged in that case. Both were released on bond in June.

"My detective whenever he took this case, he took the initiative, he was familiar with the Dallas case," said Chief Miklos Hurocy with the Edmundson Police Department. "Made contact with the Dallas Police Department. There's elements that are similar…we were originally dealing with two suspects in this matter. My detective looked at some video today and we're possibly dealing with three."

FOX 4 asked Ross' attorney, Demarcus Ward, about the St. Louis investigation. He responded via text message, "I can't comment on it right now. But maybe later."

Many of Daysha Phillips' friends on social media continue expressing their condolences.

One of them, Jamil Jennings in St. Louis, told FOX 4 over the phone that he was working to help her transition out of exotic dancing.

"I introduced you know to hosting events to kind of get away from that," said Jennings. "She was very nice, you know a great friend. Always supportive and everything and I supported her as well."

FOX 4 spoke to Phillips' mother Tuesday by phone in St. Louis. She was very distraught about her daughter's death.

Ross released on bond on June 11. The conditions of her bond did not involve wearing an electronic monitor. However, the court administrator told FOX 4that the condition of her bond was modified just Monday, on Aug. 3.

It now calls for her to wear a GPS tracking device and she's allowed to work on a job in Dallas County or just beyond.

There's no explanation as to why that change was just made.