Mom, Daughter Lucky To Be Alive After Suicidal Man Drives Into Their Home

TAMPA, FL- A Florida woman wakes to the sound of a car crashing into her living room. The crash was part of a man's failed suicide attempt.

The 2015 ford that left a giant hole in the middle of this brandon home also left scars on the mind of Sara McKee.

"If it would've been an hour or two later about 7:15-8:00 a.m. we would've been up already watching cartoons up in the living room. Eating breakfast," McKee said.

By chance, McKee and her 5-year-old daughter Micalah were still asleep when a suicidal man came barreling through the back of their home early Saturday morning.

The crash jolted McKee to consciousness.

"I have a car in my living room that's when I grabbed my daughter grabbed my phone went to my bathroom opened the window knocked the screen out and just climbed for the window through the bushes and just got into the cul-de-sac," she explained.

Their home is destroyed-but their spirit and their gratitude shine through the wreckage.

"'I'm thankful that it was not me and my daughter getting hurt and that we were able to walk away from this," McKee said.

The driver of the car, 55-year-old Lee Collins, told investigators he was trying to commit suicide. Collins had apparently stabbed himself several times before crashing into the home. Deputies said he was driving between 60 and 70 miles per hour prior to hitting the house.

Collins was flown to Tampa General Hospital in serious condition.