More Pennsylvania vaccine providers forced to reschedule appointments due to supply

Governor Tom Wolf unveiled a hopeful recovery plan for the Keystone State Monday, but the long wait for the hard-to-find COVID vaccine keeps creeping back in.

"All the states in the United States have a severance tax right now.  Pennsylvania stands out as one that does not," Wolf said.

A $300 million a year natural gas severance tax to help Pennsylvania rebound that was the heart of Governor Tom Wolf's Facebook Live presser. But things kept swinging back to Pennsylvania’s lackluster vaccine rollout.

"We obviously need to do a better job. Right now we're doing an okay job, but we need to do a better job and that's especially true when it turns on the populations of color.  Pennsylvania needs to do a better job. We are working hard on how to do that," he added.

Pennsylvania for the record has fully vaccinated a higher percentage of its population than Delaware, according to Johns Hopkins. However, Gov. Wolf acknowledged that we trail the national average. 

Delaware County was slow to get the vaccine at all and won't get any this week causing appointment delays in an already confusing situation and then there's what Allentown Communications Director Mike Moore put out Monday afternoon.

"We've had to cancel our second Moderna vaccines for people who are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday of this week.  We've had to put them off until next week because we simply don't have the supply to be able to do the vaccines," he said.

Moore adds that Allentown doesn't give appointments for first doses until it knows the medicine is there but second dose appointments are automatic.

"When someone gets their first shot they are immediately scheduled for their second one, but in this case, we don't have the supply to be able to give them their second one this week," he said.



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