More than 200 cars blow by school bus stop signs, videos show

A pilot program in Lehigh County called the School Bus Stop Arm Program has come to an end.

BusPatrol Inc. and Allentown School District officials presented the results at a news conference Thursday.

For three months, two buses in the school district were equipped with cameras to record drivers passing buses when their stop arms were activated.

Those are called stop-arm violations, and officials say they're happening much more often than people realize.

In fact, BusPatrol says its "SafetyTech" cameras captured 205 cars blowing by school bus stop signs over 47 days. That's an average of 2.18 violations per bus per day.

The information and footage gathered during the program is being used to plan safer bus routes for students.

"Data allows us to be proactive in a way that we have never have able to be before in this specific space because we've had an underinvestment in technology, in school buses," BusPatrol CEO Jean Souliere said.

The month, time of day, and specific locations of violations are all being taken into account.

Below is video of the news conference from the school district's Facebook page.