Mummers Parade Receiving Backlash for Offensive Costumes, Skits

The city of brotherly love kicked off the Mummers Parade in grand style, but the event is also receiving a lot of backlash this weekend.

Thousands lined along city hall and broad street to see the string bands, comics, and fancy divisions for the 116th installment of the Mummers Day Parade.

It seemed every year the costumes get more innovative, and they also get more high-tech as the fancy brigade took the stage inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

A lot of people are outraged over some of the groups wearing black or brown face.

And Finnegan New Year's Brigade Comic Club are being criticized for a comedy skit that mocked Caitlyn Jenner.

This is video posted on YouTube. The act featured a man dressed as Bruce Jenner who then changed and emerged as Caitlyn.

There was also picture of Bruce on a Wheaties Box and Caitlyn on a box of fruit loops. Several LGBT groups are outraged over this.

A rep for the New Year's Brigade Comic Club released the following statement:

The Goodtimers Comic Club and Finnegan New Year Brigade (NYB), which marches in the
Goodtimers Club, condemn the hateful speech spoken by a person marching with Finnegan
on New Year's Day. As a result of this man's behavior the following action has been taken.

1. The person has been banned from Finnegan NYB and from the Goodtimers.

2. The person will not be allowed to march with any other club. As of this time, he is no
longer considered a Mummer.

3. Finnegan NYB is reaching out to the LGBT community and offering its services to help
with an LGBT fundraiser or equality awareness, and to learn more about LGBT