Mysterious Sea Creature's Remains Spark Debate Over Identity

SAKHALIN ISLAND, RUSSIA (WTXF)- Marine Experts in Russia are working to identify the remains of a strange creature that washed up on Sakhalin Island shore.

The Siberian Times shared images of the creature, which appears to be about twice the length of a human, with a large nose resembling a bird's beak.

The photos have made waves across social media as thousands speculate as to what the creature may be.

While some claim the remains are that of a Ganges River Dolphin, a native of India, the size of the remains and the presence of fur have fueled further speculation.

Nikolay Kim, a marine expert from the area where the remains were found insists, "'Judging by the appearance of the head, this is clearly some big dolphin. According to a characteristic of the skin, it is a rare species."

Kim adds that he doubts the species lived in Russian waters, and the animal was likely brought in by the warm current.

"I can confidently say that this is some kind of a dolphin. However, it has fur. It's unusual. Dolphins do not have any fur," Kim told the Siberian Times.