Mystery smell returns in Delaware County

Delaware County residents are concerned after the mystery smell has returned. 

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"When I walked out of the house, I thought it was my car leaking gas," Brookhaven resident Jenna Porter said.

Porter and her family are starting to worry that smell it's back and it’s bad.

"The last thing we want to be doing is breathing in some kind of toxic fume or something," Ted Matthews said.

The strong odor was reported in Brookhaven and Parkside. It’s the third confirmed incident in recent weeks in surrounding towns.

Emergency managers are zeroing in on chemical and petroleum companies based on the Chester waterfront.

On Monday, fire officials from around the county were called to a meeting with emergency managers to come up with a response and reporting plan for the next incident. As far as they know, there is no immediate health hazard but they can’t say for sure.


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