NBA Draft watch party at Eakins Oval

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A pair of 76ers legends spent Thursday night with fans at the NBA Draft Watch Party at Philadelphia's Eakins Oval, and expressed confidence that top pick Ben Simmons can help turn the laughingstock franchise around.

"We've been in a tremendous 'down' cycle," Julius "Dr. J" Erving told our Bruce Gordon. "We've been in a rebuild cycle. (But) everybody's brimming with confidence-- I'm included in that-- because there's a plan in place."

Erving was the star of the last 76ers team to win the NBA title, in 1983. Allen Iverson-- the Sixers' last overall number one pick, in 1996, said he has high hopes for Simmons.

As for Amy advice he might have for the 19-year old from LSU?

"To play in Philadelphia-- you better give it everything you've got. Play every game like it's your last. They (the fans) will love you. They will love you to death. That's all they want."