New Jersey girl shares special bond with sanitation workers

A 3-year-old girl wanted to show her appreciation for her local sanitation workers so she got them a gift.  Turns out, they also thought of her as well and surprised her with a gift of her own.

Savannah Marmo fell in love with the trash truck and the men inside when the family moved to Smithville, New Jersey, back in August. She made it a point to come out to the driveway's edge to greet them.

When the two-man team, Domingo Handy Jr. and Erick Alicea, arrived last Monday, Savannah and her siblings presented them with candy and a card, but the duo also had something for her.

"He saw us coming and he had a big smile on his face and all of a sudden he just jumps out of his truck with a big gift for her and I was like totally unexpected," her dad, Justin, said.

"I didn't know they were going to give us gifts, but I bought her this amazing pink toolset I seen at that store.  I knew she'd like it so just wanted to make sure she was happy, content and being that she's out here with us—rain, sleet, snow, felt like she deserved it," Erick Alicea said.

Attached to the gift was a note:  "To our favorite helper. Merry X-Mas. Trash Men."

Savannah loves her toolset and her dad loves that his daughter appreciates hard work.

"A little lesson for the kids. Show kindness to everybody," Justin said.


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