New pay-by-plate parking kiosks coming to Philadelphia

Meters in Philadelphia are getting a big upgrade, and it could save you a ticket.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is set to install multilingual pay-by-plate kiosks. First, you pick a language, then you enter your license plate information. You can pay with a card, coins or mobile app. Cash will no longer be accepted.

The machines will eventually replace all existing kiosks and coin meters citywide.

"The technology on dollar bills becomes complicated it causes the machine to go down more often," said PPA Executive Director Scott Petri.

A new benefit is that you don't have to display receipts on your dashboard and you’ll be able to add time to your virtual ticket from your phone or any kiosk no matter where your car is parked.  

"I think most people, especially young people don’t carry cash so I think credit card system exclusively might be a good idea," David Neff said.