New Personal Safety App Provides Virtual 'Companions'

A new smartphone app is allowing users to always walk home with a companion. A virtual companion, that is.

The personal safety app is called, "Companion: Never Walk Alone," and is available for both android and iOS users.

The app allows users to reach out to family, friends, and even police while they make their way home alone late at night.

Once the user enters a destination, they can select contacts to be your companion. These companions don't even need to have the app.

According to the app store description, the companions will be able to see a live map of your trip progress and will be updated throughout your travel.

The description explains that several events can cause the app to automatically alert your companions including, the user beginning to run, not making it to your destination on time, having headphones pulled out of your phone, or your phone hitting the ground. The app will then check in with the user, and if there is no response after 15 seconds, the companions will be alerted.

Users also have the ability to call 911 from the app.