New Signs at CHOP Has Everyone Talking

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) - New signs being put up by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have got everybody talking.

It's meant to encourage parents to talk to their kids about their safety, but are some missing the point?

"People can get all up in arms or interpret this anyway they want," said Janette Fennell, the president and founder of "But if you're sitting in my shoes you know this is nothing more than a fact."

For ads designed to protect children from car accidents you wouldn't expect much opposition but some on social media are upset that they feel the potential victims of the accident are being blamed while the drivers are getting a pass.

Social media has a unique ability to give voice to views that otherwise may be overlooked and a poster at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has sparked some of those views.

A simple sign designed to encourage parents to talk to their kids about traffic safety sparked several retweets and comments from people who thought the sign was victim blaming and should be targeting the drivers.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke to an advocate for children's car and traffic safety who uses messages that are much more shocking and she told me the critics are missing the point.

"People are seeing it and talking about it and even the backlash is good because then, hopefully, they can educate themselves," said Fennell. "And they can understand that pedestrian deaths is huge and is going up."

CHOP has no intention of removing the ads and in fact said that they are more widespread than just the poster that sparked the backlash, there are several locations including on the sides of buses and more may be coming.

It doesn't happen very often but i must admit that opposition to these ads surprised me but we do want to hear what our viewers think. You can leave your comments on our FOX 29 Facebook page or tweet us at @fox29philly.